finally wait till today
gathering with my primary school friend
we decided to meet long time ago

we met at time square
the location that near our primary school
very excited and felt afraid ((。(^_^)。))
4 years never see for some of them

i reached time square at 9.30am
the earliest guy reached there.. @=@
actually we made an appointment at 10am
time square main entrance
i waited till 9.45am
then kai ning came ........\(><)/
we talked together
then we saw zh yao walked into the building
kok yan reached
so i called zh yao to come back... - -||||

i was unhappy (>_<)
bcoz hoi fong that live near from there
was late 4 the appointment
we chat while waiting 4 their coming.

by and by
many friends reached
totally 9 person attended the gathering
i saw yi tong, vir han, sze kay, yern yerng
but i still could distinguish them -▽-y

it really annoyed me
bcoz some of them didn't reply my message to comfirm the gathering
i called them but they didn't answer the phone
wan jin & kah kah... \ _ /#

next, we went to have our breakfast + lunch
actually we wanted to have our meal in SEK HOU RESTAURANT
but it not operating
so we ate in JOHNNY'S RESTAURANTS (if there is no mistake)
bcoz the price was cheaper
and yi tong said the food seem delicious
we started Bar-B-Q
a lot of interesting thing when eating
zh yao had made the shabu shabu pan became black as a charcoal <("""○""")>
he not changed at all
still naughty ya~ (×_×)

after that
we went to bowling centre
and played bowling
yi tong went to tuition with mynn cheq
Byesxx~ (*^.^*)
my ball always dropped to "longkang" 〒△〒
very disappointed bcoz my marks was the lowest 18
zh yao hold me up to ridicule
but he only got 25 marks..
the next to the last (>c<)

winn leung joined us after tuition
some of them shocked when see him (⊙0⊙)
bcoz he became thin
and of course handsome!! U///U
then we went to 打机场
(don't know called what in english, anyone know pls tell me ya)
i seldom go here
so i just looked them play game

around 3.15pm
sze kay, yern yerng went to tuition
so we gonna to say goodbye
we planned to organise a gathering again on the next vacation
hold a party (bbq or steamboat)
we wanted to invite all of our classmates in 6M
50 person if can.. (*+﹏+*)~@

i am delighted to attend the gathering today
we really enjoy ourselves.
hope that next vacation we can meet again.. (>﹏<)

here is the photo that took in time square
thanks alwin send the photo to me~

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