Reasons why you should be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour?

At first, I would like to say 감사합니다 to KTO for holding this event. I really appreciate it. I won a trip to Korea before. It was more purposely to attend a concert. It was a rush trip and there are so many interesting places in Korea that I had ever been. I really hope I can discover more and more about Korea. 

In fact, I don't think I will be the lucky winner to go Korea. I'm not a good blogger with creative and innovative. I'm not good in English too but I hope you all still can understand my words. ^^ Maybe I can get a chance due to my little knowlege to Korea? I like korean music, korean drama, korean variety show few years ago. Korea have influenced my life and my family as well. I really like everything about Korean culture. I really hope I can step on the land of Korea again. I know I don't ever have the chance again due to my financial problem. 

Please forgive my rush work. I'm having final exam few days later. (Wish me good luck~) I can't use much time to edit and decorate it. I can always write the blog in Chinese and English after the trip. I think it would attract more Chinese friends to visit Korea as well. I'm glad to be one of the participants and share why I like Korea. Thank you for giving the chance. =)

Please let me see the true colour of Korea!!!


Touch Korea Tour Lyrics

Reach out and take my hand
Give in to the music’s command
I’ll take you somewhere new
It’s another world just for you

Don’t you know you ain’t seen a thing
only the surface you’ve been scratching

Into your wildest dream, now here we go
(I’ll show you what I’ve got)

Don’t you wanna feel for yourself?
(Come and get it)
With your eyes & hands

No more secrets,
no more hiding
I guarantee I’ll show you everything

I know you’ll be wanting more, needing more
Hey now we touch!

See the light’s on feels so right you ready for this?
We’ll dance tonight

Touch by touch
This is the world we’ve been waiting for

Touch by touch
Just forget about what’s gone before

Touch by touch
Good time is knocking on your door yeah~
Touch by touch,
everybody touch!

Touch by touch,
t-touch by touch
(Everybody touch!) Yeah!



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